Morning Ladies

Very quiet in here of late!

Riss - any news on AF? Hope she stays away!

Jess & Josephine

AFM, CD33 and no AF yet which is quite unusual as apart from last month which was 31 days, my cycles have been 32 days for most of the year. It doesn't really feel like she is on her way (although it did the other day) so not sure what to think as didn't think we had a chance this month.

Of course I have been analysing every possible pregnancy symptom - huge boobs, unsettled tum in the morning, really tired....but they could also be AF symptoms or just in my head Have also been looking up possible due dates just in case...... well a girl has to kill some time!

So will hold off and test on Saturday if it hasn't arrived by then. If it is coming, I wish it would come now and not drag itself out.

AF stays away for me for a good 9 months!

But now that I have said AF hasn't arrived, she will no doubt rock up today! I will keep you udpated!

Have a great day ladies, not long til :tree: now!