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    Default Can a full bladder disengage baby?

    Hi there ladies!

    Sorry for what is probably a silly question on a Sunday morning, but can a full bladder disengage baby??

    I'm currently 37+3 weeks and have noticed all throughout pregnancy I've not been one of those pee every 2 hours kind of people, especially at night. I'm not sure if its how I've phyisiologically conditioned my body after many long car trips during childhood, but I've noticed that at night, I'll probably only get up once to do a wee, sometimes I wont wake up at all! This results in my tummy adopting a wierd shape, and the pressure of a full bladder inflicting slight pain on me.

    Sometimes I do feel a heaviness in my pelvis, but then at other times I don't. I'm not trying to be concerned too much, but seeing its baby number one, this is all a bit daunting for me!

    Is this something to be concerned about? I have a midwife appointment on Tuesday so I'll mention it then, but I wonder if anyones had the same thing?

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    Yep, at a couple of my appointments very late in pregnancy the baby was disengaged (had been engaged before), midwife told me to empty my bladder and hey presto baby moved back down.

    This is why it's importnat to keep your bladder as empty as you can in labour.

    eta - I am the same too, don't wee more really in pregnancy, would need a loo trip during the night but that's it. I think that instead of hte baby squashing my bladder (so have to wee more), my bladder just squashes the baby out of the way


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