DP & I are in the midst of organizing ourselves a little holiday when he gets time of work. And it's around my birthday next year so I thought it fitting to go to Brisbane where the 'Bones was born...

So, I'm after some suggestions on nice hotels to stay at that are in the city, or very close to, as we are not taking our car. We are taking both the girls, we don't see the point in a holiday without them at this point, so the hotel does need to be child friendly.

And at that, if anyone knows of any secret little gems to visit... I think but I'm not sure if the Botanic Gardens is in there.. I think we walked by it at 2am one morning after a concert and we were stranded - that's another story... like, the museum is still open up there yeah? Ideas?

Anyway, please, suggestions? Even places to stay away from if you've had a bad experience.