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    Default Funny Pregnancy Stories

    Hi Ladies

    Not sure if there is already a thread like this one? But just chatting in another thread I got the idea that this could be pretty fun. Also I think it is such a safe subject there is no possible way it will be derailed lol

    Anyways I though it could be really funny to share our funny preggo stories. Like times we have cried over nothing thanks to our wonderful hormones, or times we have had serious preggo brain, or just anything funny like that, that happens to us during pregnancy. I look forward to hearing some great stories

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    Last summer when I was pg my DF bought me some great maxi dresses which I loved to bits. Anyway one day the girls moved position and I had to go to the toilet right then and there. So I ran off to the bathroom pulled up my dress and started weeing, so relieved that I made it. Anyway halfway through I felt really warm and looked down to realise I'd only pulled my dress up at the front and the back was still pulled down over my bum and I had just weed all over it. I yelled out to DF to bring me a new dress and some stuff for a shower and we both had a good laugh about it.

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    I was at the hospital for a check up at 30 weeks. I went to the toilet and when i wiped there was blood. I called DH and decided to go down to women's assessment. In the lift my waters broke all over the floor. There was heaps. I started bawling my eyes out.In the lift there was a couple who had their first bounty bag, so they must have had their first appointment. They looked so scared!!!


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