Hi All,

I used natural gender swaying techniques and got the result I desired twice - 1x boy and 1 x girl.

Easy stuff like using certain positions, timing my intercourse at certain points of my ovulation cycle, monitoring my BBT, including or avoiding certain foods in my diet, etc.

I learned about these methods in the Prince or Princess Guide written by a midwife. It's well worth a read if you would prefer to have either a boy or a girl.

You can find out more about it here: http://www.princeorprincessreview.com

IVF treatments for gender selection is huge in the US but I read a news article online last week and discovered it was illegal here in Australia. The article told of an Australian women paying $15,000 to fly to Thailand to have the treatment over there.

I had success with natural methods, so wouldn't go to these lengths, but it really hit home to me how very important having either a boy or a girl is to some women/couples/families.

Has anyone used IVF in another country for this reason?