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    Default anyone have a child with hearing loss?

    If so how mild/severe is their hearing loss? How did you detect it? what changes did you have to make to compensate for your child? and was their language delayed? Thanks in advance

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    Default Yes

    Our little man was diagnosed with a profound hearing loss in both ears through the newborn hearing screening program after his birth in July 2009.

    He now has hearing aids (which look ridiculously large I might add).

    I am hoping he will be able to form speech but we are still on the very early road to a long childhood dealing with his deafness.

    Hope others reply and you get the answers you're looking for.

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    my DD had hearing loss when she was younger, not sure if would be classed as profound by others but to me it was bad.

    She always suffered ear infections and then glue ear for 6 months that wouldn't get better, her hearing was testing and came back as having 60% hearing in her left ear and 40% in her right ear, she also had trouble hearing low tones (mainly males). Noticeable problems where she wouldnt not recognise you where talking to her if you talked at a normal level behind her, had alot of trouble hearing things correctly, one example was the alphabet, she would say alice and a p for L,M,N,O,P, at childcare she always had to be front of the group simply so she could hear, they also advised she do an extra year of kinder due to her learning difficulties.

    At 3 she had grommets put in, 2 weeks later she said L,M,N,O,P, I broke down crying that my girl could finally hear things correctly. Best day of my live. Within 6 months she had improved so much Kinder advised me to send her to school a year early (her bday is in March so we had the option).

    She is now 6 and has been given the all clear of any hearing problems, other than some severe scarring inside you would never know what she has been through. She is also in Grade 1, yet reading and writing at a Grade 2 level, so overall it hasn't effected her education at all.

    My cousins DS has profound hearing loss and has had a cochlear hearing implant put in, it does look huge on his little head, (he is only just 3) but it has also helped him to hear some of what is going on, he also knows sign language and overall is a very happy little boy.


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