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    Default 32 weeks pregnant and prenatal depression

    Hi Everyone,

    Not to sure if people will read this thread, but I just need to vent a little and let some things out.

    I'm 33 weeks pregnant tomorrow and have had the pregnancy from hell.

    At the beginning I had a low lying placenta and had to be put in hospital numerous amounts of time as I had heavy bleeding and clotting and was on strict bed rest. So I had to give up work and university.

    Things slowed down after a while, but then at 24 weeks my waters broke and i was put in hospital for 3 weeks and was having contractions every day for the time i was in there. And was faced with the possibility of delivering my baby boy prematurely. He was given steroids to mature his lungs and I was given a course of antibiotics and nyphetapine to stop contractions. Once the nyphetapine was stopped, they continued to happen so many many trips to labour ward to make sure I wasn't going into labour. but thankfully it never happened.

    This was really hard on me, as being in hospital for a long amount of time takes it's toll and not knowing each time i started having contractions if I was going to see my baby boy at the end of them.

    I started medication at the beginning of my pregnancy, as depression runs in my family and I was showing all the signs but all the medication I tried didn't agree with me.
    After some consideration, we decided to stop the medication and I was going to deal with this on my own and I did for a while.

    But once I was in hospital everything came crashing down again, I didn't want to eat or see people and had bad thoughts about what I should do with myself.

    I then was reffered onto a counsellor at the hospital, and she really made me see things in a different light.

    I have been great for a month and have been settling back into home life and preparing for bub, but things are slowly going down again. I don't feel motivated, my appetite has dropped and I just feel so anxious about everything.

    I don't know if I should go back onto my medication or try and fight this, another concern is that I will be having the baby soon (they want to induce me at 36 weeks, due to all the problems) and this will turn into postnatal depression.

    Has anyone gone through anything similar and would like to share how they got through it, or if they are going through it now. I would love to hear from any of you girls.


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    Hun, I haven't, but saw you still online and wanted to say hang in there. I've had some hospital rest and a prem bub, but not all the issues you are facing. I'm sure as the day dawns you will find others who can relate and offer support and advice from their experiences. Late pregnancy hormones also stuff up our emotions in unbelievable ways. I'm sure the hospital will be able to offer you some support - please don't be afaraid to ask for it.


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