I used to be addicted to television.

So did my ds...

It used to be on all the time basically from about three thirty pm to about ten thirty pm.

Then i went to stay with my mum for a little while (owners of rental property) wanted to move in.

While i was there,i dunno ,the need for tv just vanished.I am a single mum,i think i used to just watch tv to dull the lonliness i felt.

ANYWAY.We have moved in to aplace of our own about three weeks ago and i decided to start turning it off about 6-7 oclock.

And guess what.

We love it?

No one screamimg at us to buy the ab flabber or the george foreman grill.No looking or hearing about people getting bumped off,raped or assualted.

I actually am reading to my ds,playing games with him,playing card games.

I have so much more time and feel so much more peaceful....

Just wondering what other hubbers think?

Would anyone else like to try my experiment?