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    Default 11 yr gap ? Feeling like a first time mum!!

    There is going to be almost 8 years between my youngest and #4 and 11 years between my eldest and #4.

    I really am feeling like a first time mum.
    I have no idea what to buy, now idea on if what is happeneing to me is normal....gee it was 3 baby brains ago how am I to remember lol!

    I am concerned how it will go having such a big age gap.

    Does anyone else have age gaps such as this and can you give me advice?

    Thanks Em

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    I dunno. when I was 16 my best friends mum had a baby. we used to love looking after her and taking her out to the shops with us and pushing the pram and stuff like that. we even used to let her come and lie with us in bed in the morning after a big night out and eat our breakfast that we couldnt stomach he he. I used to change nappies and everything quite happily. and my sons aunty is only 12 and his uncle is 14 and they are gorgeous. it's still a really big novelty for young kids having a baby around!

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    I had not quite 9years between my first two (DS is my "step" son), so I totally get how you are feeling

    buying stuff - I am a hoarder, so still had the cot and some manchester, which saved us a cost we couldn't afford at the time. we bought basic suits and blankets, stocked up on nappies and consumable stuff during the pregnancy and still didn't feel ready when she arrived

    we tried really hard to NOT fall into the trap of relying on the big kids to change nappies/entertain bub/etc (we were dealing with an ex who informed his child she would have to get up and deal with the baby at night while mum slept ) - sometimes to the detriment of the kids when we were too focused on bubba and "forgot" about their needs too.

    we were lucky, bubba slipped into the school routine quite easily (they walk to school now, but I used to have to do the drop off and pickup, right when she wanted an afternoon sleep!), and they were used to getting themselves ready for school (packing lunch boxes etc, which they still do now)

    It's mostly a case of finding the balance, and trying different things out to see what fits the family... which we're doing all over again with the arrival of #4 four days ago. Good Luck!


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