Hey everyone..... do any of you know of any "typical" kids who stim? I have always and still do suspect that there is something a little different about my DS but what?

He seems to do alot of what I would class as verbal stimming "d,d,d,d,d,d," "hmmmmms" etc etc all the time, especially while wondering aimlessly. He LOVES LOVES LOVES (did i say loves?) anything that stimulates his vestibular system (as in, being up side down, spinning, swinging, dancing, making himself dizzy, falling down on the bed or something soft) etc etc

So , yeh, is more highly likely we're looking at SPD or an ASD or that he is just a typical kid who loves to make himself dizzy (as some kids do!)??

I'm finding it very frustrating that I seem to be the only person in his life who thinks his behaviour is a little strange/different (and reminds me alot of kids who suffer from ASD)..