Hi girls, time for me to join this thread I think.

DH&I were blessed with our daughter Isabelle 4 weeks early by emergency c/s last Monday. She spent a week in the special care nursery and was discharged yesterday so this is our second night home. She is perfect and healthy and feeds like a little champion which is why we got home early I think. Anyway even tho I know we are so lucky she is home already and doing well the whole week in hosp, combined wt popping before I even started m/leave and now sleep deprivation is starting to wear on me. I never dreamt I would hv a tiny premmie bub or tht I would need a caeser! Anyway sorry for the me post, I am sure it sounds garbled due to my lack of sleep! Hope to chat wt all of you more once things settle down and I make mote sense, take care everyone, Em xxx