Can you help?

We are seeking either an egg or embryo donor in Perth. After 7 unsuccessful attempts of IVF my doctor told me there was no point in continuing with any future treatments. We were devastated but my positive attitude has kept me going and we placed our names on the egg and embryo. That was 10 months ago. It feels like a lifetime. We have been told it could take another 12 months before our names come to the top of the list.

We are just a normal loving couple with no tragic story to tell other than I canít conceive naturally and have always dreamed of having a family. We are putting our story out there in the hope that an angel will read this and give us a chance to fulfil our dream.

Maybe your dreams has come true through IVF and have surplus frozen embryos and canít bear to let them be discarded. Then please consider donating your precious embryos to so someone else can share the dream.

Even if it has crossed your mind to become an egg donor, please think about the joy your precious gift would bring.
If you think you could be the one please contact Anne at Pivet Medical Centre and quote reference 268.

Thanks so much for reading.