I hoping some one may be able to help me
yesterday I had some bleeding
so today I went for an ultrasound and

I'm was so relieved to hear a heartbeat and bubs was the right size
but its the results that confuse me
I thought I saw a 2nd sack put the U/S guy never said anything then I got the results

I see the Ob on monday so hopefully they can explain it a bit better
but has anybody had this ??

this is what the report says

there is a Bicornuate Uterus.
the right cornu contains a gestational sac and within is a single foetus with a crown to rump length of 19mm
indicating a gestational age of 8wks 3 days
with a edd of 9/2/09 (right on target )

the left cornu contains a sac measuring around 18X27X35mm with low level echoes within.
this may represent just a endometrail reaction from the pregnancy on the other side
but is more likely to represent a blighted ovum.

overall the appearance are those of a bicornuate uterus
with a signal viable foetus with the right cornu

I'm not 100% sure what this means
was I having twins?
can it cause problems for the bubba thats ok?