My pet hate in books is when the writer writes about the writing of the book.

In autobiography and memoir, it goes like this: 'I then realised I had to write a book about myself so went to my friend's log cabin in an effort to make sense of my life.' That's when I want to hurl the book across the room and shout, 'If you are writing about the writing of the book I'm holding, you don't have enough content for a memoir - fool!'

In fiction, it is kind of the same, but the story is told from first person narrative, and that fictional narrator writes the book. Eg, Atonement, The Reader. I guess it is meant to make the fiction more real, and is kind of a literary trick, but really I'm about as impressed as I would be with "and then I woke up and found it was all a dream'.

Do these things bother you?

What is your literary pet hate?