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    Yes...The second trimester is Awesome

    I basically didn't leave the house except for work for the first 3 months, no morning sickness but sooo tired i could barely organise dinner and i'd be asleep on the couch at 7.30pm

    Once it hit about 13 or 14 weeks i was back to my old self, i can go out at night again, have heaps of energy to get stuff done around the house and am just basically loving being preggo . I do get worn out if i have a big day out and have to make sure I rest when needed, but 2nd trimester is so much easier.

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    I was sick and tired up to about 22 weeks - then felt a lot better - ie could actually do things on the weekend without wanting to sleep for 3 hours in the afternoon...and I lost about 2 or 3 kg and then remained pretty steady until about 24 weeks...ans since then I have stacked it on! LOL.

    So what you feel is pretty normal....my advise is to get as much rest as possible, and eat regularly (even if just a piece of fruit or a cracker). Those anxieties are normal before a scan. I did not have a 12 wk scan because I could not get in (they were booked out) so was doubly nervous when I went for my 20 wk scan.


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