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    Default BBT Chart Question? updated please help

    BBT Chart Question?

    this is my first month charting and i was wondering if anyone has had implantation cramps at 6 days past ovulation and ended up with a BFP ?

    i had a dip yesterday and was cramping like AF
    then my temp went back up this morning.

    here is my chart:

    does it look like implantation or what was the dip for?


    i counted wrong so it was 6 dpo instead of 5.

    on cd 11 i woke up early to go to the bathroom.

    how do you adjust it if you went to the bathroom?

    i ended up taking my temp 20 minutes late that morning.


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    Hi Jewels

    I am onto my 4th cycle of charting & have found that sometimes every single one can be so different & I know I personally (& lots of others do) read something into every little change that happens on our charts. You can get a better idea of the changes after you do about 3 charts for comparison. Having said that my current cycle has been VERY different to the previous 3....why?? I have no idea as I've not changed my temping routine or lifestyle.

    I am really no expert, but I'd say it's too soon to say if that was an implantation dip or not - the only sure way of knowing is if you actually get the BFP and then you might look back on it as being one. I also thought the dip would be bigger, but once again I'm no expert and everybody is different. And sometimes our temps can vary for so many different reasons that we're not even aware of. And some women don't even have an implantation dip. If you check out the chart gallery on FF you'll see other charts that vary too.

    I have found it helpful to check out all the little hints & tips FF provides on your chart page.

    Sorry I'm not sure about adjusting temp with the bathroom thing (maybe it doesn't matter too much before O) but maybe make a note of it in the comments part of your chart. As long as you had some solid sleep (they say 3hrs) & temp before getting up you should be right. 20 minutes shouldn't make a difference either, tho as said before everybody is different & the slightest change can alter some charts. My times vary by about 1/2hr most days, but my charts have been fairly consistent.

    Once again, I'm fairly newish to this myself but I hope this may be of some assistance to you
    Good luck with your TTC journey


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