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    My first IVF pregnancy had hcg of 705 at 16dpo, was twins but yes I had 'disappearing twin syndrome' so saw heartbeat at 6 weeks then nothing at 8 weeks so lost twin B.

    Then more recently I had one embie transferred and hcg of 425 at 16dpo and miscarried at 6 weeks, as mentioned here, doctor said my high hcg was a possible indication of down sydnrome and my body 'rejected' the embie around 5-6 weeks.

    So reading here there are so many variables, some bad but most exciting.

    Good luck gorgeous girls.


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    Default Help Please

    Hi Everyone

    I am new to this forum but am hoping someone will be able to help me . I have had 3 previous pregnancies but have 4 children. My 2nd pregnancy was identical twin girls plus i have an older daughter and a younger son. My eldest is 12 twins are 10 and little boy is 21 months. I never found out with my other pregnancies what my HCG levels were but with this one I have and am a little confused as to what it actually means. With my single pregnancies I couldnt get a positive pregnancy test till i was at least 5-6 weeks and even then it was the faintest line you have ever seen. With my multiple pregnancy it was a little clearer and certainly a lot earlier, this pregnancy however it came up positive at just under 4 weeks and was the birghtest pink line i have ever seen on a test. In fact the positive line came up pink before the control line. So i am a tad worried I may be having a multiple pregnancy again. Does anyone know what my HCG levels should be at around 4.5 weeks?? Mine were at 3183 but I am not sure if this is normal or not. Can anyone help me out please?

    Also I already look like I am 3 months pregnant (the reason i took the test in the first place cos I was doing heaps of walking but putting on heaps of weight ... lol)

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    wondering if you can help ??

    First reading was on the 17 dec - 2,500
    Second - 27 dec - 65,000 <-- i had a scan the same night and was told one baby 5weeks and 6 days but was told i didnt have a full enough bladder, find one heart beat of 107 (as i was having spotting)
    Third - 31 Dec - 120,000

    I was wondering have many other people been told one then it turned out to be two??

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    My original post re-surfacing again!

    My first scan with the twins was about 8 weeks. I had not had hcg levels tested because, as per my posts on this thread, I'd had a missed miscarriage prior to the twins at 9 weeks & didn't want to know if my hcg levels were higher again this time in case something was wrong again. My ob suspected there might be 2 when he did a belly ultrasound so he then did a vaginal ultrasound & 2 came up straight away. There's a small possibility there could be 2, but at this early stage if the first came up clearly, the second would be pretty easy to spot too. The higher hcg levels can mean multiples, or 1 very sticky singleton. Sometimes babies with chromosomal abnormalities can have high hcg levels (happened to me, but lets hope that's not the case with you).


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