Hi, I am 39 DH 42, we have been ttc for 2.5 yrs and have had 2 x m/c at 11.5 weeks and just completed our 1st IVF cycle unsuccessfully. We also have a wonderful DD 4yo

I have been diagnosed with early ovarian failure. My FSH is 12.2 and ovarian reserve AMH 4.3

I am looking to find a little hope and chat to other women who are in the same boat.

Have any of you lovely ladies had a successful outcome.

What have your FS suggested to help you overcome the above issues.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I already visit the over 35's here and the ladies are wonderful, there are numerous drugs I hear about but have very little understanding of what they are....

I have also just changed to a new FS Hillary Whittle at Repromed (Adelaide) 1st meeting couple of weeks. Has anyone heard of her or have her themselves?