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    Have you read the No Cry Sleep Solution?
    This might be a good first step before you go to sleep school. Sleep schools do use 'controlled crying' which is just CIO. Reading this book will help you figure out a 24 hr plan, and will highlight the reality of sleep. Are you nursing? Is your DS close by, or at the other end of the house? Are you keeping a solid night routine?

    Also, 3 naps of 1-2.5 hrs during the day is on the high side. You might want to try working down to 2 naps a day instead. If your LO takes 3 naps (1 hr, 1.5 hrs, 2.5 hrs) that = 5 hrs of naps. When is that last nap? How long is it for? A late, long nap could really muck up night sleep for a 6 mth old.

    Anyway, I hope you find some rest

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    Default Ellen Barron Changed Our Lives


    I have now been home for a week since attending the Ellen Barron Family Centre. The very fact that I can even sit here and type this email is testimony to the positive effect the Centre has had on our family.

    Our 13mth old daughter has slept terribly since she was about 5 mths. She co-slept with me, woke all the time (5-12+ times a night) and used me as a dummy. She would not fall asleep unless she was on the breast at any time. Basically she did not know how to self settle. I was totally exhausted (in hindsight I was even more exhausted than I realised) and pretty difficult to live with!

    I have always been totally against controlled crying and really any method that meant my daughter cried. I have always comforted my daughter and have felt this has led to a very positive relationship. I was really hesitant about attending the centre as so many posts are really negative about what they do. I was seriously unable to cope any longer and decided that everything else I had tried had not been effective. I was pretty convinced that I would leave on the 1st night, but I thought I would give it a chance.

    On arrival the staff were lovely and supportive. They take the time to explain everything to you. There are 4 settling techniques to choose from, though at 13 months only 2 were really appropriate for our daughter. In the end I decided to go with the the controlled comfort and combined this with hands on occasion. Controlled comfort is NOT controlled crying. Absolutely it involves crying (sometimes a lot), but you comfort your child when they need it. My daughter never once got hysterical. It was really hard the first two nights. But after the first two nights I started to notice a big difference. Our daughter was actually one of the most determined and still has not slept through. But she only wakes once, she sleeps in her own room, she self settles and I have not slept so well in over a year. The difference is huge!

    I cannot say enough positive things about the staff at the Ellen Barron Centre. It has truly changed my life. A bit of a run day on the centre:
    • the rooms are nice (though the beds are small and bring your own pillow and maybe towel)
    • the staff are lovely, they are there for you with a helping hand and an ear to listen whenever you need it
    • most people notice a massive difference within a couple days, most babies were sleeping through by the second day. The older the child the longer it seemed to take.
    • everyone looked so much happier and relaxed by the last day
    • the playroom and the outdoor play room are great, I am pretty sure my daughter still misses it!
    • the food is pretty bad, take snacks!
    • bring an open mind!
    It only took me a few days to get in. I went to my child health nurse and she was great. I think it was more obvious to her than me that I was not coping very well.

    If you genuinely need help with helping your child sleep I would highly recommend the Ellen Barron Centre.

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    A bit of a late reply, but sleep school for DD and it worked wonders!

    We went to the Mother/Baby Unit at Mitcham Private Hospital. They use the controlled comforting approach in conjunction with your comfort levels. Within one hour of us getting there DD was asleep and slept for 3.5 hours! This from a 4 mo who wouldn't sleep during the day.

    They also looked at types of wraps etc to see what works to help DD settle.

    All methods are readily duplicated at home. Yes, the two nights at home were a little unsettled but 9 times out of 10 she goes to bed without a problem. And she now sleeps during the day.

    I can highly recommend it. They say it is a 2-3 week wait to get in, but they examine each situation on a case by case basis and can fast track you in.

    ETA: our issues were not sleeping during day and feeding to sleep. Both no longer happen


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