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    Default DP's non religious family dummy spit

    i was reading the thread to christening for non religious family and it reminded me of an incident when DS was only a few weeks old. i was gonna reply in that topic but got sidetracked with my reply and it became quite long as i felt i had to go into detail to give you an idea where i am coming from so i can get a proper opinion on this particular subject.

    we went up to the country (on the NSW/QLD border, about 8 hrs from sydney)where my family lives just after xmas to see my nan and pop and so nan and pop and other relos can see DS. while we were there we wanted to have DS baptised. the reason we wanted DS to be baptised there and not here in sydney is cause the person who would do the baptism is an old family friend who is a pastor and he had baptised me and my brothers and most of my cousins. i think he may have also baptised my mum and my aunties and uncle.

    before we go up there i tell DP thats what my family and i were planning on doing and didnt think there would be any arguements because DP's family arent religious and i dont even think DP knows what faith his family follows (if any).

    so DP tells his parents and didnt FIL ever abuse us! ...why arent we involved... why didnt we want any of DP's brothers or sister to be godparents....he kept going on and on about godparents and i cant even count the number of times that we had to tell FIL that a BAPTISM isnt a CHRISTENING and that we are not CATHOLIC and we dont appoint godparents when we BAPTISE DS.

    oh my goodness you should of heard him forever opening his big trap about a simple little baptism that i didnt think they would care about because they arent even religious or anything. baptising my son is very important to me. so it finally sunk into his thick head that we arent having him christened and all that but they we're still not happy about it but didnt kick up as much of a stink about it then. (can someone please explain to me why they find it so important when they arent even religious! it boggles the mind!)

    anyways, when we get up there it turns out that the family friend that was doing the baptism for us had to go up north for a funeral of a family member and coudnt do it. fair enough, we can just do it next xmas when DS turns 1. but i get back to sydney and FIL says to me in quite a rude way(and DP works for FIL), "so he had all that time off work for nothing".... lord help me i wanted to strangle him!!

    DS had already met FIL's parents and the rest of FIL's family on xmas day but we wanted to take DS to meet my grandparents and whilst we were already there we wanted to baptise DS into our faith which DP's family doesnt even have a faith and suddenly it wasnt worth us going up there?! so my son cant meet his maternal great grandparents? i just thought what an a***hole! our family friend had a funeral to attend and he can be that rude and say something like that?

    and this is coming from the people who i cut off for my entire pregnancy because they called me all sorts of names and tried to turn DP against me because i wouldnt have an abortion for our planned pregnancy.... because as far as they see it i am an mentally unstable little girl who couldnt raise a child on my own and i would be a bad mother (far from the truth!!). because they couldnt accept that morally, spirtually and emotionally i am absolutely against abortion and would never agree to have one on any conditions!!

    but now they are all over DS like a rash and it makes me physically ill

    can someone please explain why, when these people didnt want anything to do with their first grandchild of their first born child, that now they suffocate me with them wanting to see DS all the time and then make a humongous big deal because i wanted a baptism for my son when they dont even have any religious beliefs whatsoever?? coz i am dumfounded as to why these people do what they do.
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