Hey All.... My DS (10 months) woke up sunday morning at 2am vomited a few times not projectile like last time he had gastro (6months old) just a casual chuck!! Didn't bother him really but i kept him up just incase, after 30mins he seemed ok so i put him back to sleep. When he woke in the morning he had his bottle like usual and his weetbix then had his usual nap. When he woke he had his next bottle but then when it was time for his lunch he didn't want it (which is very unusual for him) so i just left it. he had his next nap woke up and had a runnier than usual nappy (just to keep you in the loop he had pooed a few other times durng the day before this but they were normal!) and had a bottle at 3pm then still didn't want any solids. Usually he'd go down again around 4-5 but only for around half an hour.... Well i put him down at 5 (had to rock him to sleep in my arms!) and he didn't wake so i decided to just leave him (checking him all the time though) he eventully woke at 11 had his bottle had to rock him to sleep then woke again at 3:30 had another half runny/solid nappy ended up giving him another bottle but he refused to go back to sleep untill 6!! ( could that be coz he slept til 11??) He woke at 8 had his normal breaky bottle and a piece of toast had to rock him to sleep again at nap time then he is up having next botle as i type this.... He has been happy and playing but can get very sooky at times and won't go to sleep (he is usually very good) should i be putting him to sleep in his cot and letting him put himself to sleep or is it ok when they are sick?? ALso does it sound like mild gatro or maybe just teething??And should i be letting him have the amount of bottles as he is having?? Sorry i know i'm asking the most silly questions.. Any advice, tips or remarks to stop been so paranoid (ha ha) will be a big help thanks
P.S sorry its sooo long