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    Quote Originally Posted by KatiesMum View Post
    I did this ... day 1 went out which was not ideal, but didnt seem to set us back too much.

    Day 2 we only went for walks to the shops etc immediately after going to potty so had no issues (and no accidents)

    Day 3 we went out for longer - and she actually did a wee in the toilet at the shops!!!

    Have been going just over a week and she is fully toilet trained. (Day time - night time wears pullups).

    We went to playgroup yesterday and did have 2 accidents ... but because she was too busy playing. She has been to daycare 2 days (Tues and today) and not had an accident either day.

    It is still a bit more effort ... asking regularly etc .... but we can go out without any problems. If I think that we are going somewhere where we will not have easy access to a toilet I will ocasionally put a pullup on her ... but still explain that she has to tell me and we will try and get to a toilet.

    So hopefully - by Tuesday - you should be pretty good. (My DD is a bit older than yours though ... dunno if that will make much difference)

    Cool ta - how old is you little one? Do you think I started to early?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lavenderpegasus View Post
    How long does it normally take to tt a child at 21 months. We are going pretty hard at it, staying at home 24/7 except a few walks and thats it. pretty much no visitors, no phone calls... SHould I expect days/weeks/months???

    I have put away the nappies with hopes of NEVER going back....

    I was going to do this until tuesday is that an unreasonable expectation on our family?
    The woman who devised this method said it could take longer on toddlers younger than 22 months, but as for how long I guess each child is different. But even if it does take longer it will still be quicker than other methods.

    I must have caught my DS at just the right time (25 months), which is perhaps why he took 4 hours to train (has not had many accidents after the initial 4 hours, and even then he finished each one on the potty so that is why I say he was trained in 4 hours)

    Just stay consistent and you'll get there soon enough.

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    I think it depends entirely on each child.

    My DD is nearly 3 ... I did try a couple of times earlier .. but half hearted attempts really as she was in no way interested at all.

    this time, she was ready and it showed. She took to it easily and well. the first day we had quite a few accidents as we had gone out in the afternoon which wasnt really to plan .. but after that have had no problems.

    Today (day 10 or so) we went to the zoo ... so toilets were not exactly easily accessible - and still no problems.

    I have gone from a jelly bean for each wee/poo to stickers now as otherwise she is getting too many jellybeans (so 5 stickers = 1 jellybean)

    anyway - I certainly know of 21 month olds who were ready ... so give it a try.

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    So this arvo has looked up we stopped water at 4.30 pm and all Spencer had to drink was a little sip of water after the bath.
    He really wanted a treat this afternoon and so was walking himself off to the toilet and asking for a treat, I helped him sit on the toilet and after I looked into the bowl and said no wee. A treat is for wees.
    So he came off the toilet and we went back to our night time routine after the next book he was off agan and the same happened. I mentioned that we can try upstairs and we did, same thing happened, he really wanted a treat and wanted to keep trying so after the book we tried again and then after the bedtime songs we tried again and then again when he wouldn't stop crying because he wanted to get a treat soooo much.
    This time we got a tiny tiny tiny tiny leak of wee so we thought he deserved a treat.
    He then went off to sleep and we are feeling very positive about the whole process.
    Yes it is taking longer than 3 days but I really feel today was day two (as we have only had two night sleeps included) and it will hpefully just keep getting easier.

    Oh and we have a little park less than 50 metres from out house and because everyone in our little street is away for easter we had the park to ourselves so I said to spencer we could go to the park if he did a wee, he nodded and he walked off did a good size wee and off we went to the park (potty as well)... I was really proud of him for understanding

    Just when you think they dont understand that amazing brain of theirs prives us wrong.


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