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    Default i think im in the 2ww with clomid....

    Hi ladies
    Just was wondering if someone could help me figure this out.. * its my first month on clomid & im confused*

    So i am now on CD 16. I took Clomid days 5-9.. and im pretty sure, not 100% though, that i O'ed on Cd13or14. Im pretty sure the OPT was positive, and i had ewcm and some pains in the region..

    We bd'd every 2nd day just incase. Just wondering when is he earliest we can do a test?? I am getting a blood test on saturday.. (CD 21) & i know that will tell me if i O'd.. but just incase we did, do you know what day is the best to check??

    Im getting lots of weird sensations in my abdomin at the moment.. well is just started today. Dont know if its the clomid or not, but its awful..like pulling.. and it lasts like 5 secs.. quite intense , then goes.. and its both sides... hhmmmmm

    We are so hoping this is our month. Do i have to wait until day 28 to test??

    Thanks guys

    Baby Dust

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    It depends on the pregnancy test you use. There are some out there that will show a positive up to 5 days before your missed period is due but most are only guaranteed from the first day of a missed period. Another thing to keep in mind (and I hope this isn't an issue with you) sometimes you can have a positive early on and the body will then reject the pregnancy. So sometimes it is better to wait until you have missed your period. Having said all the above I know how frustrating it is to wait. I got a few pg symptoms and got a BFP on an early test at 9 DPO. BTW this is a clomid pregnancy

    The other thing to keep in mind is that sometimes your hormone level will be high enough on your 21 day blood test that it could indicate something is happening so maybe wait and see what your levels are. I truly hope you get your BFP!


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