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    Quote Originally Posted by Nomadic View Post
    Oh my DSS2 was like this (before and after we found out he was getting smacked for accidents). Much to my DH's amusement I wrote a story about "poo town" and how when you do a poo it goes to poo town and all the great things that poo gets to do there. In our story the poo got to float on a river, help the gardens grown, help the grass grow & according to Master 4 (who was 3 at the time) his poo also had magic powers that could help a rocket go into space.

    People find it gross but it worked And he has no memory of it anyway. The other encouragement we used was new undies. If he did a poo in the toilet then he got to choose some new undies (I bought a few packs of character undies). But if he couldn't be bothered and pooed his undies then he had to wear the old ones. Of course, we did note the difference between an accident and an on purpose
    tried the undies thing...he just poos in them. he doesnt get into trouble for pooing in his nappy/undies but its starting to get mighty annoying. the only way he will ask to go potty for number 2's is if he is naked and we cant do that all the time. lol poo town. i could try it with DS but i think he would just look at me like this i dont think he'd quite get it yet...

    sigh...he is just being stubborn and i will probably end up being one of those parents with a school aged child not TT

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    Quote Originally Posted by HousebumMum View Post
    That was a strange article. It started off about children not being toilet-trained before starting school and then went on about the education department allowing students to use past exams to help them pass.
    I noticed that too... bizarre!

    I find it hard to judge. My boy was just an absolute dream to TT, I didn't have to do much at all, I give him all the credit.

    There's a lot more pressure on parents these days.. I was lucky to be able to stay at home etc etc.

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    At school we don't mind having to deal with the odd accident, we had one lass come to the front office three times in one day, and we were beginning to think she may have an infection or the like, we were about to call mum to take her home, when she told us that she was too scared to use the toilet because she had seen a spider in there, so she wet her pants instead.
    We have another child that has a medical problem, so we regularly toilet them each day, which is no problem.
    We expect the odd "accident" especially with the prep kids. We even have a draw of spare undies, as well as encourage parents to pack a spare pair of pants and undies in their childs bag, as they do happen.
    But in no case do we expect to have to change perfectly healthy and medically sound childs nappies that is when we would be calling in the parents to do their job!


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