Although I still dont know if I will need a CS Im thinking positive and trying to get a bit of a birth plan soughted out for if I get a VB.

Due to circumstances DH may not be able to be at the birth and at first I automaticly thought, "OK so who else is there?"

But today a friend and I were discussing our previous births and while I was explaining to her that I was so 'in the zone' in labour last time I really didnt care or pay any attention to who else was there. It hit me 'maybe I should do it alone' (midwives and drs though- love my medical care )

I feel a bit selfish even considering it as I do have people who would happy be there but I think back to my last labour and I had 2 people there with me and (not in a bad way) but they were no real help - there was nothing for them to do but sit there and watch. I guess they're there more for moral support but I found if anything being constantly asked 'are you ok/need anything?' was a bit distracting.

So Im wondering anyone who has given birth alone (by choice or otherwise) do you wish you hadnt been alone? Was it a positive experience?

I may be slightly deluded about the whole idea (im sure reality is different) but I can only imagine the sense of pride doing it alone. And I think I will have an easier time not having to worry about the people around me. Am I mad??

(this is just my thinking out loud, I havent discussed it with OB/middie yet- dont even know if its allowed)