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    Default I really don't know where to start.

    So I want to start TT ds who is 2 years and 6 months. I don't know if he's actually ready or not. We used to sit him on the toilet here and there when he was just over 1. He would not do anything and only lasted for 30 seconds.

    So now I'm starting again, being our first born, I really have no idea where and how to start. This is our first day, so I put him undies on him, no problem. I watched him closely. I explained to him that he'll need to tell me when he wants to do wee or poo, and if he sits on potty to do them, he'll receive a sticker as a reward.

    Anyway, he was playing and then he just wee. I didn't stop him, I feel bad if I stop him in the middle of weeing. I then took his undies off, he ran to the potty and sit there and said to himself 'good boy Lloyd, Lloyd sit on the potty'. I told him he was indeed a good boy for sitting on the potty, but he'll need to sit on it before he does wee or poo.

    I don't tell him off for wee through his undies, I just simply put a new undies on him and repeat myself.

    But does it mean he's not fully ready? Or he just need to get used to the idea that he'll need to sit on the potty. It's just I really don't want to force him. If he's not ready then I'll be happy to go back to nappy for a while. But I just don't want to miss the signs..

    Thanks all

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    That's exactly what I did with my boy and it only took about 2 days before he got the hint

    I think you should keep doing what you're doing. They don't tend to like the feeling of wee running down their legs, so he'll soon start going to the potty to avoid that.

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    Dont give up yet. He will soon learn, just stick with it. Look for signs of him grabbing himself maybe, then sit him on potty, sometimes DS used to do that when he felt a wee i guess.

    Good Luck


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