nothing really,

with my son i just felt really tired, but i was also doing a bootcamp 8times a week so thought it was that- the test didnt show postive until 1 week after, i it was negtive still 2 days after due

with this one again nothing- i think tired but you can put that down to alot of things some times and the gtest was postive day after being due.

also maybe a little light headness and also i'm hungry as in i'm hungry i have to eat more then normal and if i didnt it would turn into a life or death to get food in me

with the seond one it took a bit longer to conceive and i leant after month 4 to STOP reading every little twitch and throb in me lol- as i would think i was and then i wouldnt be- want till i started to say i'm not and ignore all signs that may be that i fell. i fell month 2 with my first.