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    Default No libido...does anyone else have this problem?

    Does anyone else have problems with their libido? I lost my libido completely as soon as i started on the pill 6 years ago. I have been to all different doctors and some say they have never heard of this happening before, and others say there isnt much you can do about it. But i have read articles about being on the pill and losing your libido.

    So i went to a natropath and was taking herbal suppliments at the same time as being on the pill hoping it would help. After a while i went off the pill and continued the herbal suppliments to see if my libido would come back and thats when i got pregnant. We were happy about having a baby though because we were starting to think about trying.

    So when i was pregnant i had to stop taking the suppliments but my libido came back a tiny bit while i was pregnant. I have had my DS and i still have no libido, i am not on the pill anymore and i dont know what else to do. It is effecting our relationship because i can easily live without sex but my partner cant and i am never in the mood.

    Is there anyone else that has this problem? Or has any suggestions, i would be very grateful for any advise.

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    I see you posted this in late 2009. Do you still have this problem or did it sort itself out? I was on the pill for 4 months this year and I noticed my libido almost completely dissapeared. I rarely ever felt horny and I could easily live without sex however of course DP couldnt! I stopped taking the pill because I didn't like the side affects, another one was gaining weight. I then fell pregnant and we are over the moon about it. But once again my libido still seems absent and it does have an affect on our relationship as well. We fight about it from time to time because I'd rather sleep than have sex lol. I want him to put more effort into turning me on but he just wants a quicky so that depletes my desire even more. I suggested having sex earlier so I have more interest and energy but he just puts it back onto me saying I need to seduce him otherwise we will have sex when he comes to bed around midnight and I'm over going to sleep so late!... if anyone else has some tips, advice or experience the same thing it would be great to hear. Thank you :-)


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