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    Hi Ladies!

    I'm being a conception detective and putting a call out to all those reading who have successfully conceived a baby to advise what they did/what herbs or vitamins etc they took/ when & how often they did the BD etc etc in that particular cycle which may have contributed to conception occurring. Was there anything you did differently than previously that you think may have made the difference?

    I think it would just be helpful and give some hope to those of us who are at the point of just thinking a BFP will never happen.

    I have done possibly close to a hundred hpt's and have never ever even seen a faint positive so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks and bring on the top tips and magic tricks!

    Top Tips So Far

    - BD every 2nd day
    - Stay lying down for as long as possible following BD to let the boys do their work. Perhaps try doing the bicycle exercise to help them on their way.
    - BD outside your 'fertile window' as it is uncanny the number of people who have told me they got UTD from having sex at a time of their cycle when they didn't think they were anywhere near ovulation
    - Monitor your cycle and learn when you are due to ovulate by:
    * using ovulation prediction kits, Maybe Baby, or by paying attention to the signs that your body gives you.
    Your CM will increase and become stretchy around ovulation. You may feel some telltale pain in your lower
    abdomen. You can also purchase a digital Basal Thermometer & monitor your waking temperature. The instructions that come with the thermometer will explain how you interpret the results in regard to pin-pointing when you are fertile (I bought one yesterday!)
    - Get your body in the best physical conditon you can for conception by eating well and take a supplement such as Elevit. Suggest that your man take a supplement too such as Menevit (mine refuses!!!)
    - Some of the super fertility foods include: Spinach, garlic, honey, avocado, whole grains, oysters, oily fish, full fat dairy (yay! Ditch that Rev ladies!), Lean Red Meat, chillies.
    - Some of the anti-fertility foods include green peas, caffeine, chocolate and anything with refined sugar in it (eg most junk food chicks!).
    - Consider using herbs that can increase fertility. Chinese herbal remedies are popular.
    - Try acupuncture. (Those Chinese know a thing or two about fertility - just look at their population!)
    - Buy tampons and pads in bulk. It's Murphy's Law - you may find out that you are UTD the next day!
    - Buy skinny body clothes. Murphy's Law again.
    - Don't use lubricants that aren't specifically sperm friendly because they will create a barrier preventing the sperm from swimming to where you want them to swim to!! Preseed is a sperm friendly lubricant that has a pH ideal for sperm and can both help them swim quicker and live longer. Yay!!!
    - If you believe you may have a Luteal phase Defect (ie. the time from when your normally ovulate to when your period is due is less than 12 days) try taking Vitamin B6. It may take up to 3 months to see results.
    - Eat full-fat dairy products as low-fat dairy consumption has been linked to infertility. It can mess with ovulation.
    - Try to eat as much organic foods as possible as they contain higher levels of vitamins and antioxidants
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