i have to have my car serviced tomorrow where i purchased our car from in ryde at hunter holden on victoria rd. usually i can get someone to follow me over and pick me up and then take me back later but tomorrow i will be on my own with 2 kids that get bored easily. i am trying to find out whats near by because the service could take an hour or more to wait til its done.

i see there are a couple of parks around there but are they child friendly? i mean do they have a playground there that would be good enough for my 2 yr old to be happy to play on.

it seems top ryde shopping centre is nearby (hoping its not too far but doesnt look like it on the map but i think its up a hill ) whats at that shopping centre? is it worth the hike with 1 walking and 1 in the pram?

TIA if you can help