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    Default Getting my 5 month old to sleep....help!

    Hi all!

    I have a 5 month old little boy who is just wonderful. He has been sleeping through the night from 9 - 6 since about a month old. He had been co-sleeping with his parents until about a month ago when we moved him to his own bed, and since we are living in Japan his own bed it a japanese futon. He transitioned quiet well and continued to sleep through the night.

    However ... over the last month he has also learned to roll over and is showing signs that he will crawl soon. Previously to put him to sleep I was swaddling him and feeding him then putting him down, within 10 minute he would put himself to sleep. However now when I put him down he rolls over and as he is swaddled gets stuck and I have to roll him back and wrap him again. The only way I can get him to sleep at the moment is to lie down with him to keep him still and even so when he wakes himself during the night, while he used to go back to sleep, now he is rolling over.

    Does anyone have any advise on what I can do to get him to not roll over? I am just worried he will roll over during the night and I will not wake to roll him back.

    FYI, a japanese futon is basically a thin matress that is on the ground. His futon is specificall designed for children and is about 1 metre long by 60cm wide.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

    Kind Thanks!


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    I would definately stop wrapping him, at least if arms are free he can fix himself. We put DS in a grobag when we stopped wrapping and he handled that just fine. In aust you can get a snuggler thing that you lay them on and it has cushion bits down the sides to prevent rolling. But personally DS just rolled straight over these anyway. There really isnt much that can be done about the rolling(IMO).
    Maybe someone else out there has a handy hint?
    Good luck.


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