Up until 3 months ago, my daughter (now 10 months) slept in her cop quite happily in her own room. She still took night feeds but that was fine

THEN she became constipated and was in terrible pain for a few days and the only way and i mean the ONLY way she would get some rest and sleep was if my husband took her to bed and slept with her.

Now she flat out refuses to sleep any other way. Every single day and night (we have the same issue with day time now too, though it normally results in me letting her be cranky until she conks out on me and i hold her) and night she refuses to give in to any routine, comfort, controlled crying ect we try! we have persisted with various tactics but nothing has worked.

im due to give birth again in November and i cannot explain how exhausted i am because she wont get to sleep until 1am most nights no matter what we do.

Shes also cut out naps most of the week.


Shes booked in with Tweedle Sleep Service but thats not for another month...