Dear Ladies,

On Friday the day that we were to meet for the very first time our Angel, her family and visit the IVF clinic in the Sunshine Coast.

I was so nervous, my DH was cool but I, leading upto Friday sleepless nights very nervous. We boarded the plane and at 9:15am departed from Melbourne and arrived at the Sunshine Coast at 11:25am.

What was to happen next was a SURPRISE ! Our Angel with her youngest and her parents were at the airport to welcome us. My heart was just thumping and we could not believe it ! As soon as we saw each other eye to eye we hugged and hugged tears the whole works ! I was shaking with JOY it was an amazing experience and DH was all hugs.

We went off to the hotel and our appointment with the DR was early afternoon. Met with the DR did the regular checkup, PAP SMEAR, SCAN etc etc. All is good I have been on the pill for the last month or so and all is fairly normal.

Our Angel invited us to her home for dinner on the Friday night and we met her DH. It was so wonderful we chatted about everything and anything getting to know each other our backgrounds it was such a good feeling. They are an amazing couple and we so look forward to a life long relationship and experiencing beautiful moments with them as a FAMILY. Aunty, Uncle and cousins.

On Saturday we had lunch with them at the beach it was fun ! We then spent some time on touring around. On MOnday we had another appointment with the DR with regards to what's NEXT !

Hold on to your seats !

EPU (Egg Pickup and Egg Transfer ) is scheduled for first week of June.

CONSENTS to go ahead have been SIGNED

We are overjoyed with happiness and we are truly blessed to have met and be part of a family that has given us the gift of life to fulfill our dream come true.

Love to all