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    Default Not sure if this is sleep deprivation or PND

    My baby has not slept through many nights in his first year of life. I was coping OK with the sleepless nights until very recently.

    I just feel very dead on the inside and like I'm wearing a mask half the time as I go through the motions of motherhood. Is this just part of being a mum?
    I feel I should feel more joy, but I've moved out to the sticks, don't really connect with people at my mother's groups, and have returned to work part time.
    SHould I call my CHN?

    Or do new mums just feel like this all the time?

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    Dear Summerlump
    Thank you for your post - in response to your question - YES - please see your CHN or GP for a referral to see someone who is experienced in recognising and helping with PND/depression.
    Though it is entirely possible that sleep deprivation is the cause of your feelings (it can make the best of us neurotic) it does sound as though you are heading down the path of it becoming a more pervasive issue.
    If it is PND/depression getting on top of it asap will reduce the impact on you, your partner, your bub etc etc.
    You have recently moved into a situation where you don't feel connected with others and therefore not part of your community, on top of that you have returned to work so there may also be issues of separation anxiety/missing/not as connected to your bub - both of these in addition to the major sleep deprivation are a recipe for possible PND.
    Please seek help and be as open as possible with your partner/loved ones about your feelings.
    Take care


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