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    Default attitudes - hope they are not gentically passed down!!

    I have a tiny bad habit of correcting DP if he says something incorrectly... eg "me and tom went to the shop" , "what is you doing?" , "lay down in your bed". (slang and colloquialisms aside)
    I know they may seem petty, but I think I get it from my grandfather on dad's side and also from my mother.
    I say it with a smile, and if someone were to correct me I would take it on board...
    ...the thing is DP's reaction is, "Who gives a flying ****!!!" (in front of the kids mind you)- and my response is, "well the teachers at school are going to love our 5 yo telling them that when they try to teach the difference between the there, their, and they're!!"

    He, and his family seem to be ultra defensive about little things and do the ol' "make a mountain out of a mole hill" all of the time!!!

    Without making it an issue about who is right or wrong, how do I ensure our kids don't inherit this aggressively defensive attitude???

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    see this is where me and my DH are different,

    Im sure I grew up in a house with a family, and im sure he grew up in the gutter sometimes

    Almost every second word from his mouth is a swear word, everyone is "old mate" or worse

    he cant spell, asked me the other day how to spell lemons

    I rarely swear, can spell and dont talk his "slang" at all.

    I use to have a prob with his swearaing around kids, but I then learnt, that is him, he wont change, and if the kids dont heaar it from him, they will hear it from someone else.

    So I figure, it is my job to teach them what is right and what is wrong, and ecen though an adult does it, they dont.

    my kids dont swear, and have really good clear speaking,

    as my DH grew up in the middle of no where, he almost has a bushy like accent.


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