Poll: What size is your family car?

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    We have a 7 seater, diesel Toyota Prado, currently trying for baby 4 making us a family of 6.
    I drive this with the kids , school run but no sport yet (5,3,1 year olds)
    We also have a Toyota Corolla that dh drives to and from work (120km each way ,6 days a week)
    He often picks the two bigger kids up from kindy but it would be very hard to fit a third car seat in his car.

    Not thinking about changing cars unless we happen to have twins. I would then get a van and dh would drive the Prado. We need a 4wd as we camp a fair bit so wouldn’t down size for that reason.
    Same except we are stopping with the 3 kids that we have. We sometimes have the inlaws or my nephew or neice in the car with us though so the 7 seats do get used. We use it a lot for camping, fishing etc too. If we didnt need it for that Id probably just get a Kluger though
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