We are a young married couple in our early 30ís who, after 3 years of trying to conceive and IVF treatments, have been given the devastating news that we have no eggs left that will fertilise. Our last hope of experiencing the miracle of pregnancy and birth that we long for and of fulfilling our lifelong dream of becoming loving parents, is to find an egg donor. Our diagnosis of premature ovarian failure has been such a huge shock, firstly because of my young age, but also bacause we always believed that we would start trying to fall pregnant and that within a year or so it would just happen, as it has for all of our friends. The first year of TTC we did actually fall pregnant but sadly suffered a miscarriage at 6 weeks. I can still vividly remember how excited we both were, and how wonderful I felt as my body began to change, for those 2 weeks when we thought our dream of having a baby was going to come true. Now we (as Iím sure all who have sufferred the loss of a pregnancy do) look at our friendís children who were concieved at that same time, with longing and sadness for what might have been for our child. Our diagnosis of infertility has been, and still is, a huge burden to bear - I myself, despite my happy-go-lucky outlook, have spent many nights quietly crying myself to sleep. But we have been able to carry each other through it thanks to a positive, happy, down-to-earth outlook on life, and thanks to our very loving supportive families. We are well travelled, very open-minded, socially responsible people. We are also well educated and financially secure and long to be able to guide our own child through life with a sense of social responsibility, love for those around them, and passion for learning throughout life. The pain of our loss of fertility is deepened by the knowledge that we are both lovely, confident, level-headed, caring people who would be wonderful parents and who are able to give so much, if given the chance. We have been deeply devoted and in love with one another for many years and have always felt it was our destiny to become parents together. So the pain and heartache we feel at the thought that this might not happen is difficult to bear. Our journey ahead now in our search to become parents, is no longer something that we can make happen without help. We are now at the mercy of a caring, compassionate woman wanting to step in and help us. If you have already experienced the incredible joy of parenthood, are aged between 23 and 34 yrs old, live in Adelaide, and think you might be able to help us with our dream, please contact us to find out more via email at
or PO Box 719 MSC Torrens Park SA 5062
or phone us on 0449955861
Australian laws prohibit any kind of payment for donation of eggs, however all medical expenses will be covered and strict confidentiality will be assured.