Yesterday ds threw up from 2am to 10am,then he seemed ok just a little off, tired etc but was drinking and ate a few dry bisquits, dd3 got the same sort of thing around lunchtime but stopped around tea time but shes bounced back and is fine.
This morning ds got up and said he wasnt hungry but his drinking like there is no tommorow (just water with a watered down lemonade 80 water 20 lemonade) in between to give him some sugar seeing his been sick)
his been really off all day and i have just put it down to getting over the bug, now he put himself to bed at 3 (unlike him) and i have been checking in him but his really hot, i have offered him water, cold face washer etc but his really not well, temp is 38.4 his had panadol though.

I guess all i can do is keep an eye on him, i thought he had tonsilitis again but looks all clear in his throat. Now is his temp ok and safe? if it gets higher i know its bad but if he stays like this is it generally safe to say he will ride it out and the bug just needs to run its course?