Hi Lovely Ladies,

Just wondering if anyone can help me.....
I had a cancelled cycle due to none of my eggs being "good enough" for transfer at the end of February - I stopped taking all the meds and had AF a week later.
At the moment I am not taking any IVF medication and waiting for next AF to start again.
Yesterday and Today I have had MASSIVE hot flushes where I become boiling hot and literally dripping sweat, but feel cold and clammy. It lasts for about 5-10 minutes at a time. I am also VERY, VERY tired. Have slept more in the past 48 hours than I ever have before and still am exhausted.....

Any ideas? Could it be that my hormones are just settling down and getting rid of all the medication in my system? I have had the hot flushes before when on a stim cycle.

Would love to hear if anyone has had this type of thing before. Thanks so much,
Sally-Ann XXX