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    Smile Nursing to sleep

    I have a 14 month old toddler who is still nursing, and he almost always is nursed to sleep.
    I think it is a wonderful sleep association for him, and settling him is just so easy.
    I pop him on the breast, wait for all of those lovely bf hormones to kick in, and in no time flat, he is out like a light.
    No crying - ever.
    We co-sleep, so the occasional night waking is no problem, he just latches on for a little while, and drifts back to sleep.
    Am I the only person who thinks nursijng to sleep is the worlds best kept secret?
    I have all the confidance in the world, that as he matures, and so do his sleep cycles, he will begin to fall asleep on his own, without me pushing the issue.


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    I used to nurse my first son to sleep all the time. It was oh so easy and peaceful. He would fall asleep so calmly and deeply and looked so satisfied. It was difficult after he weaned though. It took a little while to work out a new pattern. I think the biggest medical disadvantage is from a dental point of view. Going to sleep with milk in their mouth can rot their teeth. I am pretty fanatical about my son brushing now so hopefully all will be okay. (no problems showing at present and he has been weaned for about 8-9 months.)

    My husband has a great view on nursing /cuddling/rocking your babe to sleep - "how long can you really do it for before they become too grown up and don't need or want that sort of attention from you anymore?" It was a good and valid point I thought.

    As for co-sleeping, we never did so I can comment personally but it never seemed to harm anyone I knew that had shared their bed with their little ones. I think it just promotes an extra sense of security for all involved. My husband and I just couldn't sleep properly with a bub in our bed. But they slept close by.

    If it works for you - stick with it and enjoy!!

    Mum to Alec (Lalla) and Zak


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