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    Default How do you know when its Time to Give Up

    Hi Ladies

    Just wanting to know if anyone has considered/ given up their dream to have another baby for the benefit (financial or otherwise) of the children they already have?

    We suffered with infertility for 3 years before we finally got our first BFP via IVF in 2004. Our twins are now 3. We are extremely happy and thankful that we have them. In November last year we did another full stimulated cycle of IVF and got another bfp but shortly M/C. In January 08 we did a frozen embryo transfer (OMG two embryos) and we got a bfn. We have not embryos left.

    We have now decided to give up our dream of another baby to enrich the lives of the children we already have. Its not only the immidate costs of the IVF and the life, emotional, physcial side of treatment but also looking ahead at schooling, holidays, housing etc

    I always said once was not enough, one BFP, one pregnancy, one first day, first smile, but I now realise its more than some people get.

    Has anyone else struggled with the decision of having more children. Has anyone else been so consumed with adding to their family they forgot they already had the perfect family in front of them. How do I know I am not going to live in regret?

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    I dont really have any advise for you but couldn't leave the post with out giving you a GBH this must be really really hard for you


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