Hi there, before and after my son was born in the Blue mountains i had a large network of other parents as my friends but since moving to sydney 2 years ago haven't made a single one! I'm starting to get pretty lonely trekking to all the playgrounds and museums on my own (my partner works 5 or 6 days a week) so I'm looking for other parents in the area to hang out with. Ideally we could just take our kids to the beach, the park etc and hang out.
My son is four and a half now (I had him when I was 17) and we love music, travel (we've been doing a little backpacking and road tripping around Australia recently) and getting outdoors. I'm at uni two days a week but have my son on Mondays Thursdays and Fridays (as well as the weekends of course!).
If anyone wants to drop me a line just send me an e-mail from this site, or add me to your msn with the same e-mail address.