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    Default Yikes - pre- 1990 vehicle!

    We have a 1989 Pajero and need to set up anchor points in it. I have had several quotes and it looks like the cheapest is $260

    Apparently, there has been a law change that means that you cannot just drill a hole into a reinforced part of the car structure any more to fit a bolt. You now have to fit a bar behind the back seat as the anchor bolts can't be more than a certain distance (1200mm?) from the top of the back seat now and most 4wd's have back seat that is higher than this.

    We have thought about getting a friend to do what he did with his and say that the anchor points were put in before the law changed, but have decided that it is better to comply and save the money needed to get it done right.

    Just thought I would let you know as you may be looking at getting a larger vehicle at some point and this is something that most parents wouldn't know about.

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    Yep, we had the same problem with our Navara - only a few year old. Apparently it's considered a work vehicle rather than a family vehicle so they get away with not putting them in.

    We ended up getting the guy to install three for a discounted price because we wanted to put DD in the middle but, if we have another baby, will need to put the two seats on the outside.

    It was a bit of a shock to have to pay so much to have the anchor points installed. We were very surprised that all late model cars didn't have them.


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