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    Question Scared of the dark

    We have recently moved from an apartment to a house, and my 3 month old now has his own room and a cot. (He was in a bassinette in our lounge before)
    He was fine for the first few nights, but now he seems to be scared of the dark.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?

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    Default Try a night light

    Hi Wattle
    At 3 months, I would have thought that its probably just the move and a new bed / environment rather than the dark, but here's a few ideas:

    Could you leave him in the bassinet in his new room - that way you're only changing one thing at a time?

    You could try buying a night light, they aren't expensive (from around $10) and handy to have for later anyway. At least if you try it, you'll know if that's the answer. Our DD1's problem was solved with a night light, but I think she was 18 months at the time.

    We realised our DD1 was scared of the dark, when she started to wake up crying just after we went to bed. We live in a Queenslander with breezeways above the doors, so while we were up, there was always light filtering into her room. As soon as we went to sleep, she would wake up and cry. We would settle her and then go back to sleep and then minutes later she would wake up and cry. Anyway, we bought a night light and she has been fine ever since (unless we forget to turn it on, or it burns out in the middle of the night). They aren't expensive (from around $10), so just give it a try. Now at 3 months, I wouldn't have thought he'd have a strong opinion re the dark, but you could give it a try.

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