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    Default Big Bed Time?

    I started trying to get my now 22 month old daughter ready for a big bed when I was pregnant with my now 6 week old son. She didn't like it much and I gave up. Mind you, I was very light hearted about it and didn't try very hard.

    I have just found out that she has been sleeping in a big bed at her day-care since the beginning of March! And apparently she has no problems at all.

    I have just thought about this again after she has gone down for her daily nap in her cot, so will try at bedtime. I am going to put her little kids pull out lounge thing in her room and try and get her to sleep on there.

    Any other ideas? When I do get a single bed for her, is it necessary to get a bed rail?? I am excited for her to have a big bed!!

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    Default Maybe it is time

    Hi Hazel
    When we bought my daughter a big bed, she was excited by just the mattress and WANTED to take her daytime nap on it. We let her do that and then a bit later bought sheets and a pretty doona. We left it made up for a few days and then asked her if she wanted to have her night time sleep there to and she said yes. I guess she was just ready.

    We bought her a bed rail. Other people we know put another mattress below the bed for them to fall on, but their children then rolled UNDER the bed and couldn't get out - so big fun for everyone on the middle of the night. DD1 still likes her bedrail (although while on holidays has slept in a bed without one - no probs).

    Best of luck


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