Hi Ladies

A few of you have asked what sort of age/situation etc to be able to donate eggs.

Bel touched on it in her post but thought a new thread would be easy to find.


Between 21 and 35 for anonymous donation, and up to 38 at some clinics for known donation. However, there seems to be a real shift away from anonymous donation so not all clinics will let you do a completely anonymous donation. And in Victoria and WA your details will be kept on a database for any people concieved from your donation to be able to contact you in the future if they want to,

Your own family

A few donors have donated without having children themselves, or who haven't completed their families but in general clinics like donors to have completed their families. There are some very minor risks and it would be a tragedy if a donor donated and then found they could not then have their own children. They are very minor risks but something you need to think about if you haven't started or finished your own family.

Genetic issues

There are some genetic diseases that will prohibit someone donating - this is all covered in the clinic paperwork but a call to your nearest clinic to talk to their Donor Conordinator will let you know if you have any concerns.


You have to wait a couple of cycles after you have weaned to make sure your hormones are all back to normal! A few donors actually start looking for recipients while they are still breastfeeding as they know it takes a while to find someone and get the clinic appointments organised - so if it's something you really want to do, dont' let it stop you. A few recipients continue cycling with their own eggs while they wait out the time so will be more than happy to wait alongside you.

Tubal ligation

If you have had a tubal ligation, you are still able to donate as your ovaries are still intact and functioning.


It is not uncommon for potential donors to have had miscarriages. This is generally not an isue but talk it over with the Donor Coordinator at your nearest clinic.

Tattoos/Drug use

Because of HIV issues, there are specific questions relating to possible exposure - again, something to talk over with your clinic.

I can't think of anything else at the moment - am sure there is more that others will add or I'll remember!