Hi Coffee, sorry, these school holidays have been crazy!! We went away in the first week to a little town in the country. It was fun but unfortunately my dh had some troubles with a wisdom tooth and was in severe pain! He was pumped with pain killers for the whole time which meant he was quite sleepy which therefore meant I was left to entertain the kids. I didn't mind too much, I had fun with them, but I was looking forward to long solitary bush walks which obviously didn't happen. Never mind.
You sound just like my dh! He also played icehockey and can't get enough of the motor sports. Is your dh into it too?
Yes my migrain did go, thanks. I think it was a first and hopefully the last!!
Apart from the school holiday mayhem, I've been quite busy lately as I've just upped my work a bit. That's ok because I love my work, but it means I have to be more organised for all the other things. I don't posess those amazing Swiss skills of being extremely organised with the house in complete order. Are you like that? It seems alot of Swiss are and Japanese are quite good at it too. My dh has been training me rather than the other way around!! It's not that I can't or don't do things, it's just that Swiss and Japanese people seem to have such a great technique of getting things done efficiently and with time left over!! How do you do it?
Have a nice weekend!!