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    Originally posted by tootiredtosleep View Post
    I think that some SAHM are very judgemental. How many working mothers question them though? If no mothers worked could we support welfare etc??
    That is a very good point

    I'm working full time and finding it great.......although eventually with 2 bubs I'll want to change to 3 or 4 days per week. Gemma only goes to child care 3 part days per week...........but my nephew is in childcare full time and is a happy, healthy, polite little 3 year old.........who loves playing with the other kids there and even has a number of girlfriends there Valentine

    Good luck with it.


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      Hi everyone...just wanted to update you on our situation. I am back to work in two weeks and so we have started Zara in daycare to get her used to it. She went for a few hours last Friday and is there again today, trying to leave her till about 2.30pm before I pick her up.
      I had a cry last week when we dropped her off and again when we picked her up but today I didn't tear up till we walked out of the nursery which is great because she didn't see it. She actually seemed to be excited too, she was squeeling and trying to jump out of DH's arms....hopefully she is enjoying it!
      Thanks again for all the wonderful support...what a journey this is being a working mum hey?


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        Yay ZarasMummy

        I'm glad it is going OK!

        The first time I dropped DS1 at daycare in the nursery I was fine until I got back to the car where I promptly burst into tears. It was like a release of the tension built up worrying that everything was going to be OK. I had booked a hair dressers appointment for that first morning to take my mind off things. I hadn't been to the hair dressers since being pregnant so it was a real treat and helped distract me - it also meant I couldn't sit in the car in the car park all day crying my eyes out which did occur to me as an option at the time LOL.

        It gets easier. There comes a time where they just want to run in to see their mates. I do think it is harder on us than it is on them.

        I hope it all goes well .


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          Thanks jojo, I really appreciate the support. Zara seems good today, I picked her up at 2pm with Mum and she was asleep again. Nursery lady said she had a great day, only a few tears but did vomit her bottle over the carer...oops! She was a little whingey when we got home but once she had a bottle and we went for a walk to the shop she was asleep so that's great. I am wondering if it is tiring her out a bit being at daycare...I guess it just takes time for her to get used to being in a new place with different people...gosh, she's only 6 months old poor little thing.
          I am trying to stay positive and not worry too much and all your kind words are helping me to do that...thankyou!


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            Hi Linley,

            Just wanted to say I'm glad today went well for you and Zara

            I've been reading your thread with interest as I'm in a very similar situation - I also have to return to work starting next Tuesday (OMG) so DS will be in family daycare 4 days a week. I feel very upset, sad, and guilty about leaving my DS (and resentful that I can't stay home at least 12 months). I'm also a bit anxious about long-term effects on him, so it's really great to read here about others' positive experiences, while knowing that there are others out there going through the exact same thing.

            I dropped Jet at daycare last week for the first time (like you, I've been easing him into it by sending him a few hours a day, 2 days a week, for 2 weeks) and cried all the way home! Cried again the second day when he held his arms out to me as I walked out the door (incidentally I went to get my hair done to distract myself too, LOL jojojonsey!). Our carer lives just around the corner which is great and he looks happy when we arrive to pick him up and seems fine, if not a bit tired. I guess time will tell...

            Next week is going to be really hard though, when I'm actually at work 8 hours a day and not just around the corner knowing I can go pick him up any time.

            Anyway I hope that it keeps going well for you and if you ever need some support from someone going through exactly the same thing feel free to PM me!


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              Hey Kimba, I know how you feel. I hope that everything goes well next week when you go back to work, you will have to let me know!
              I was just discussing with my Mum and DH yesterday that I feel really 'looked down on' because I am going back to work and putting Zara in daycare....but I know that I am doing what is best...financially at least...for our family. Why do people have to be so judgemental? I hate, sorry about that !
              Anyhow, would love to keep in touch with you...maybe we can support each other.


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                I know...I hate it when I hear things like 'why have a baby if you want someone else to raise him?'. I don't want someone else to raise him - and I feel guilty about putting him in daycare - but our circumstances are such that at the moment I'm the main breadwinner and we have a mortgage (not a flash house, just a small 2 bedroom unit, trying to provide some security for our family later in life), so what can I do?

                OK, maybe we could sell up and move to woop-woop and rent forever and claim family benefits and I could stay home, but would my DS's life be that much better for it...? If we lived in my husband's country his mother or extended family would probably look after DS, so is that so much different to family daycare?

                The hard part now is just trying to find a good balance between family time and working so that family doesn't suffer for the sake of work and finances...

                Anyway I'm with you and it'd be great to support each other since it seems we're going through the same thing at the same time!


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                  Thought I'd join in this thread. I am returning to work in Term Two (I am a teacher), three days a week, and it's really starting to stress me out. I'm luck enough to have mu mum and sister to loook after M one day each, but the one day she'll be at daycare is stressing me out.
                  Linley- glad to hear your daycare experience seems to be going well. It's exactly what I want to hear. I came home from Gymbaroo in tears the other arvo, cause I knew I couldn't enrol for next term because of work, I was a bit emotional that day for some reason
                  Kimbaleo- budgeting is so hard!! I've been lucky enough to have been paid for the majority of my time off, by using my LSL and taking M/L at half pay. I think in total I've only had 7wks, without pay. And that has been really hard. People always comment on our house and say 'then why did you build such a big house' when I say I HAVE to go back to work, but ultimately we got our land at a bargain price years ago, and owner built our house. The amount we spent would have been the same if we bought and small, old house. Sorry bit off track but it really p!sses me off.
                  Look forward to checking in with you girls to see how we're all coping.


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                    Why do people think that they can comment on the size of your house and think that it will be a solution to your situation? God Mia, I can see why that peeves you off....if only people wouldn't comment and keep their negative opinions to themselves hey?
                    Great, I am so glad that we all have a bit of support so that is what this thread is turning into....a support thread for working Mum's! Actually I should start one....I'll post the link when I do! girls....our bubba's are going to be just fine!


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                      Okay, that's the link, hope it works!


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                        Originally posted by mum2peanut View Post
                        I came home from Gymbaroo in tears the other arvo, cause I knew I couldn't enrol for next term because of work, I was a bit emotional that day for some reason
                        Me too! I was exactly the same.

                        Originally posted by mum2peanut View Post
                        People always comment on our house and say 'then why did you build such a big house' when I say I HAVE to go back to work.
                        I hate feeling like I have to justify myself too - and we don't even have a big house - not that it should make a difference! People look at me like 'well you could have just kept renting' when I say I have to return to work to help pay the mortgage, and maybe that's true, but I also would rather invest in our future rather than see it go down the drain in rent, coz I want to provide security for my family in later years too. I do feel guilty now though, about which is more important - spending more time with our kids, or owning the roof over their heads later.

                        Originally posted by ZarasMummy View Post
                        Why do people think that they can comment on the size of your house and think that it will be a solution to your situation?
                        Even if we were renting I'd still have to work...that's just how it is.

                        Thanks for making the new thread!