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To move interstate or not?

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  • To move interstate or not?

    Hi All, this is my first post here so I hope it's the right area.

    I guess I'm wanting some unbiased advice. Long story short My hubby used to have his own business that didn't exactly work out. We have now ended up in debt, not heaps but enough to cause you to think about it alot and wonder if it's ever going to go away..

    He has since got an opportunity to move to syd, (we are in Melb) for work. We don't have much going on here in terms of work.
    We do have a 5 and 2 year old and all our family and friends in Melb so we would be leaving everyone, not that we get any support as such it's just that they won't be around to visit/catch ups. We currently live in a beachside suburb but will be moving to country nsw as that's all we can afford.
    To be honest DH and I would only be moving due to $$$ he would rather stay here and give the business another go but do you really start a business when you are in a bit of debt already? If it goes well, that's awesome but if it doesn't it will be really hard for DH to find a job like the one in syd as there is not much going in Melbs at the minute.
    I should also add I only work one day a week on weekends as my 2yr old little girl relies on me. Obviously if we were to stay we would both just tag team and work all we could but it's just such a hard choice changing our whole life for what might be forever or might be only 2 years...
    Thanks for reading

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    I would not be going into business if you are already in debt from a previous one. I would work for someone else for a while to get back on your feet before trying again (if owning your own business is what you want)

    Moving to Sydney and away from your support network is hard though. Is it possible to find work in Melbourne?


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      Is he aware of what went wrong with his business and is it within is power to fix this next time? Or will he be flogging a dead horse? How are you both socially/emotionally? Will you be able to build new networks? And if you don't, will you be ok with some level of isolation?


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        Hi, thanks to you both for writing back. Yeah I was thinking the same that it's a worry to go into business again already behind. He has applied previously for other jobs in Melbourne with nothing coming of them. I could go to work full time but it wouldn't be as much as my DH earns. He does know things that went wrong before and has learnt from them. I'm good at making friends and I think with one child at school will help and having to get the other out at a playgroup etc will help also. In saying that though, I've never moved and lived in the same area my entire life so this is really daunting for me and I'm just worried about making a mistake.


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          Hi! Your story sounds similar to mine! Hubby has his own business which was bringing in an ok income, but hubbys heart is in mining and he desperately wanted to go back, financially we started to go backwards with hubby doing fifo, so we decided to pull the pin and move to the mining town to save money. So 6 months ago we packed up our 3 and 1 yr old and moved 2500 km away from our family and friends. I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard with no support network but we are just here for a few years until we pay some debt down and then we can move back and be a little more comfortable. So I completely understand your hesitation, it’s such a big step!