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Should I take toddler to airport when DH comes home?

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  • Should I take toddler to airport when DH comes home?

    So my DH is away for 2 months. We are 2 weeks in and I am longingly thinking about when he gets back haha. Sadly there are no firm dates and no flights booked for his return and we won't know for another few weeks exactly when he's coming back [emoji37]
    DD is 13 months so will be almost 15 months when DH gets home. I'm just wondering from others who've been through this would you take your toddler to the airport to pick DH up or stay home so they can have their reunion at home? I'm just wondering if DD will get really overwhelmed and upset seeing him? I know when I pick her up after 4 hours of childcare she cries when she sees me so I don't want to upset her too much in a strange place. But I am also itching to see DH and can't wait for DD to see her dada again!
    How do you handle homecoming for a toddler with such a long absence? She's been fine with him being away for a week at a time before but we've never done this long.

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    When DS2 was that age DH was still working overseas. He would be gone for 2-3 months and have 7-10 days at home. I always took DS2 to the airport with me for pick up and drop off.

    Toddlers are surprisingly resilient and in fact be prepared for your DD to give her daddy a strange look and not be too interested in him! 2 months is a very long time in her world. Both you and your DH should be prepared for her to possibly treat him as if he is a stranger to her. It used to break my DH's heart - this happened even though he sent videos, talked to DS2 on the phone and Skype when possible.


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      Depends when he gets back. If it is late/nught/naptime then I would do home reunion. Otherwise I would go pick him up. My dS loved the airport at that age too.


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        I always take DD to the airport to pick up DF and have never had an issue (aside from loosing it in the car - it's a 3 hr round trip!).


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          Thanks everyone. I am fairly certain he will be getting in sometime in the arvo so I'll plan to take DD to pick him up. I just can't wait to see his face when he sees her again! [MENTION=140851]binnielici[/MENTION] I am a bit worried how she will react to him so I'll keep that in mind and prep him so his feelings don't get too hurt just in case. We are skyping 2-3 times a week and she is super excited seeing him on the video call and has to hold the phone and lick it while talking to him [emoji13] she now thinks he's in the phone! I just printed and about to laminate some a4 photos of him for her to look at too.
          Now I'm just willing the time to pass lol.